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Scroll all the way down for an interactive map of current Covid 19 cases in Florida by City and links to Mortgage deferment options.

Covid 19 May 13th Hope on the Horizon

Covid 19 April 20 Real Estate Update

April 6th Market Health/What Comes Next?

Covid 19 Update March 26, 2020

How is Covid 19 affecting the market?

Mortgage Relief and Lender Related Items

To our valued customers. Here are some websites related to mortgage relief and some rental relief options for those of you that may have been laid off or are otherwise financially impacted by the Covid 19 outbreak. CONTACT YOUR MORTGAGE PROVIDER DIRECTLY FIRST. Most lenders have deferment programs already in place. We remain open and accessible to serve all of your Real Estate Needs. Contact us with specific questions you may have. 561-324-8914…/press_releases_media_ad…/HUD_No_20_042…/Coronavirus-Assistance-Information.a……/covid-19-information-and-resou…

Finally, the National Housing Council has a very informative website here:


If you have questions directly related to a new loan for purchase or refinance, please contact our Lender Partner, Louise Nelson:


Interactive Map of Covid 19 by City

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